What's HEST?
HEST is a research group on water environment, which includes Hydrology, water resources engineering, river engineering, water quality control, hydro-power plant and coastal engineering. We will do by Hydro-dynamics, Hydraulics, physics, and chemistry.

HEST also assumes responsibility for education. All students in HEST are studying through research works. A study needs wide knowledge from fundamental to advanced subjects. HEST develops skillful researchers with high technologies.

HEST has an other side as social contribution.We are working for regional people and citizen. Evaluations and assessments for environment are carried out using our technologies.

Where's HEST?
HEST's address is

HEST, Department of Civil Engineering, Tohoku University
Aoba-yama 06, Sendai, 980-8579, Japan.

Please check out this url to HEST. HEST is on 3rd floor of Civil Engineering Building.


Please remember Sedai and Tohoku University!

Contact us!
Please contact us by e-mail.

E-mail address is here. Please click!

Do not hesitate if you would like further information concerning HEST.